The Google Stack, The Secret Weapon in The Digital branding Solution and Hyper Local SEO

The Digital Branding Solution Expert Google Stack is tried and tested and has proven not only to get businesses ranked faster than any other method, but it converts as well.

The Google stack

A misunderstood process and one of the most overlooked aspects of SEO. Most companies charge thousands of dollars a month to properly set up and link your Google properties. We not only link the big name properties but can include citations, Social Media, Image optimization and targeted strategies to outrank competing businesses.

What Is The Google Stack?

The Google Stack is a method of lining up Google-owned properties, such as Youtube, Blogger, and Google My Business in a way that takes advantage of Googles favor for its own products and web apps.  Google wants more people using Googles products, so if you are fully utilizing all of these web apps and social sites, Google is helping itself by putting you at the top. This is Hyper-Local SEO

The Google Stack

A New Age Of SEO

Google recognizes certain sites more than others based on your industry and area. The Google stack is finding out what sites those are and interconnecting them as well as optimizing them exactly how Google wants it done. Now a secret everyone knows; Google owns everything. If you optimize and stack Google itself you are going to take the lead every time.

The one thing missing, in 90% of local digital strategies, is a general knowledge of search algorithms and properly stacked Google properties

If you have followed Brandel Branding then you know our results speak for themselves and there is no competition to our SEO methods! That is because we approach Optimization like no one else does. Tap into our powerful strategies and close new businesses with the confidence that you can deliver results!

Optimized. Accurate. Magnetic.
Our optimized listings hunt. Your local listings will no longer sit buried and dormant on sites like Google Maps, Yelp, and Super pages.
Social Staking
each of these sites has the opportunity to link with the others in some way. We make sure that each site recognizes all the others mainly for google this keeps all the sites you work with relevant and recognized.
Social Search Optimization
yes, this is a real thing! Not only do we optimize your social sites so they rank in Google. But we use our cutting edge SEO tactics to beat algorithms with the sites themselves.


The Google Stack is one small piece to our Digital Solution

Our solution puts back together what has for so long been separated. Our all-in-one solution is the answer. learn about all the features and let’s get you started.

We understand what Google is looking for and set your business up with the best possible online SEO foundation you could have. This alone will put you ahead of your competition, and we are only on step one!

See our Google Stack Results in the video below

The Google Stack Results

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