Pay Per Appointment (PPA)


Most lead gen programs today work by selling a lead to as many businesses as possible for a perceived affordable price, but if you have ever worked off of a lead list like this you know, these ‘leads’ are being hammered with calls by your competition and if they haven’t already been sold, which is likely, they are probably not very excited about your call. You may snag a sale or two out of it but the work is not worth the reward. We have personally felt this frustration and spoken with thousands of business owners who have been burned by these programs.

What is Pay Per Appointment (PPA)?

Pay Per Appointment is the Digital Branding Solutions answer to the frustrating problems with lead gen programs on the market today. Instead of sending you a lead we take it a step further and book the appointment for you, plug it straight into your calendar and all you have to do is show up and do a great job!

Just like the lead gen programs we have websites built to convert traffic into business. These websites are built to dominate search for keywords that are valuable. These keywords are hyper-specific, buying keywords.

Keyword Targeting Example

Let’s say we are searching for keywords to target for our window tinting lead gen site. Instead of targeting vague terms like “window tinting”, which could be someone searching for all manner of information, we target terms like, “How much does it cost to have your home windows tinted”. This is likely to be someone who has done some research already and is ready to buy. So the 100 searches a month like this are more valuable to us that 1000 “window tinting” searches because it is more likely to convert to a specific service.

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