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Why SEO Has Never Worked For Your Business

As a businesses owner, you are no stranger to local citations. Websites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are today’s newspaper, phonebook, and billboards. So naturally, you want your business to be on them, especially considering how much time people spend looking at a screen.

It makes sense to go online and fill out a few profiles to post on now and then to let people know you’re there, but the thing about citations is they are a little more tricky than that if you want to take full advantage of their power. Your citations should be a major driving force behind your website and web presence as a whole, but in many cases, they are actually a cinder block tied around your website’s ankle.

How do local directories and citations hurt your business?

There are many reasons for this, but it mostly comes down to your SEO provider not knowing how to fully take advantage of your local citations to boost you to the heights of Google, or your citations are not given the care and planning they need because you’re just a number in a big company.  No matter the cause, this low quality work is hurting you, and what stings, even more, if you paid for it.

When you claim your citations you are not just making profiles for people to find you on. You are branding your business, yes, but you are also building trust and relevance with Google, targeting your market, and outmaneuvering your competition.

The problem is that almost none of the major SEO companies are checking all of those boxes and most business owners carry around a graveyard of citations haunting their online presence.

That’s Where We Come In, We specialize in Local Citation Repair

The Digital Branding Solution was created to clean up all the skeletons in your websites closets and get you excited about the internet again as business owners. The unforeseen tragedy of low-quality SEO work was a genocide of business owners faith in online advertising. When in reality you are in an amazing vehicle to connect to the people you want to do business with, you just have the parking brake on while you’re hammering the gas. Sure you will make a lot of noise and a few people might even come to see what all the fuss is about, but you’re not going anywhere fast.

The Answer Isn’t Giving Up It’s Letting Off The Breaks

If you are ready to finally say, “My business is making money online” then set up some time to speak with us today, or buy the Local Citation Solution below and fix your online foundation for good.

Local Citation Solution

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    Claim 100-150 niche relevant citations to get the advantage online! Full clean up of all existing citations. Duplicate suppression, One-push automatic changes throughout the network. Dashboard monitoring and auto-posting, Adding Social automation make a backlinking machine. The site has a monthly billing of $99 after the first thirty days to maintain the dashboard and one push features.



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    1. Rated 5 out of 5

      Dana Brandel Branding

      My Local Citation Solution has literally pushed not only my clients but my own sid business to the top of Google maps for hundreds of Keywords. Citations have a direct score and link value that pushes your map position. Lets get your online presence cleaned up _Dana Brandel Branding

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