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Help Us Fix the Internet With the Digital Branding Solution Reseller Program! White label sales team, SEO and Social Design Automation and strategy.

Dana Brandel


Now you can become a part of the Digital Branding Solution and work with Dana and the team at Brandel Branding to change the way we approach SEO all over the world! We have been causing quite a commotion lately and challenged practices that most people in the industry consider Search Engine Optimization 101. Our results are so night and day compared to what is considered to be good they were brushed off as fake until we showed proof! But why do this? Why do we challenge the status quo? The answer is simple. Brandel Branding has a true passion for marketing and solving problems! We know we’re onto something here and our clients are experiencing jaw-dropping results. That is why we need you! We believe our way is the right way, and that passion for marketing wants to fuel change, but we can’t do this alone. We need SEO businesses and other digital agencies who see our vision to join the Digital Branding Solutions team and help us bridge the gap from traditional to online advertising with SEO seated properly at the top!

The Digital Branding Solution: Finally an All-In-One Local SEO System That Works! Built for SEO Start-Ups to Thrive! Limited Entries Available!

If you have followed Brandel Branding then you know our results speak for themselves and there is no competition to our SEO methods! That is because we approach Optimization like no one else does. Tap into our powerful strategies and close new businesses with the confidence that you can deliver results!

Reap the benefits of connecting your client’s social media accounts instantly with Digital Branding Solution’s Social Media Automation set-up; saving you hours of work for each client, not to mention the time saved by only having to post in a couple of places instead of hundreds! You or your client can manage the media from there.

Hyper-Local SEO Results

Digital Branding Solution Results

We want to build your clients in search and give you a brand new revenue stream.

This is not just SEO, it gives you the ability to hand your clients not just an awesome website but an entire digital foundation.

Local Seo PackagedChoose your reseller level below and help us change the way business owners look at online advertising:

Sales are the biggest challenge facing web design and marketing companies. So we are offering our digital sales team to you completely white label.

With our team behind you will not just be able to create more revenue and sell more sites but our targetted email and online scheduling for sales meetings will help you sell SEO to your current clients. You sign up and we go to work, for you, white labeled as your new SEO department.

What exactly is The Digital Sales Team and how is it white labeled?

When you are part of the reseller solution, our goal is to always have you succeed! we have trained a sales team of SEO sharpened sales ninjas. They specialize in email campaign specifically to set appointments for SEO and Digital Solutions. They can start by setting up a campaign with you that includes your logo and our recorded tracking number. This will also have an appointment scheduling link. We let all your current clients know you are now offering the top ranking SEO in the state. They book the appointment, close the deal at your pricing and set it up for you to schedule billing. We are giving you the tools and building the house. What you can expect:

What can you expect with our full-service virtual sales team?


  • White labeled email blast introducing your new SEO solution and Social Automation circuits to your current clients.
  • booking, scheduling, calls and all contact are available to monitor on your dashboard.
  • From start to finish our guy’s book and close.
  • you can feed your current lead list or prospects and they will create the strategy to close the deal

Get started by picking what level below you would like to start with:

Digital Branding Solution Reseller - Starter Level
Starter: Sign-up cost: Waved Recurring: $150 (Waived if 3 new packages sold each month)   Benefits:
  • Members Area Access (Order programs, track progress)
  • 25% off all Services (profit margin for reselling*)
  • One hour 1 on 1 sales training
  • Full email blast to current clients with scheduling link
Digital Branding Solution Reseller - Enhanced Level
Enhanced:   Sign-up cost: $800 Recurring: $150 (Waived if 3 new packages sold each month)   Benefits:
  • Members Area Access (order programs, track progress)
  • 35% off all services (profit margin for reselling*)
  • White Label reporting**
  • Two hours of 1 on 1 sales training
  • Full email blast to current clients with scheduling link and closing support from our expert sales team
Digital Branding Solution Reseller - Ultimate Level
Ultimate: Sign-up cost: $1,100 Recurring: $250 (refunded if 3 new packages sold each month) Benefits:
  • Members Area Access (order programs, track progress)
  • 50% off all services (profit margin for reselling*)
  • Custom campaigns for your clients as your Virtual In-House Marketing Team
  • Full virtual sales team support for new and existing clients
  • Full White Label Branding and reporting***
  • Four hours of 1 on 1 sales training