Experts in Marketing and SEO build each social property, google stack and citation by hand. Never sub-par and always industry specific.

Hand Built By Experts

There is a clear path to getting your business to the top of Google search for keywords that convert clients. What sets us apart is we don’t chase down every keyword we can find; we strategically target buying searches. 

Let’s say you are hungry and searching for somewhere to eat breakfast. Does it matter if the breakfast place right by you is ranking number one on Google for the keyword phrase “How to bake your own bagels”? Not if their goal is to sell bagels in their restaurant because that is not what you will be searching for in your hunt for some food.

The point is, not all keywords are created equal and ranking in a number one position can be worthless. If that business was working with us we would be targeting searches like, “breakfast [city name]” or “all day breakfast [city name]. On top of that, we do market research to find out exactly what people are typing into search engines. Let’s say we find a lot of people are searching, “where to go for good breakfast in [city name]” and none of your competition is focusing on this longtail keyword. Suddenly you have an opportunity to get in front of an untapped audience. 

The care we put into our programs and the knowledge that not all keywords are created equal is the edge your business needs to get in front of your target audience and convert them into customers or clients. 

hand built by experts

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