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Plain and simple you can not rank by separating your online presence, So we include everything below in one Digital Solution


What is the digital Branding Solution?

About Us

Our program is local SEO perfected and designed for client conversion for you while stacked for Google. This program is the answer to your google maps and lack of any conversion online. We bring everything that everyone else is missing online to the table:

Social media branding, design, and automation, a Full Google stack NAP friendly and interwoven how Google wants it, custom-designed branding kits, so all your social media sites and local citations represent your brand. It is the system you should have gotten the first time a random phone book sold you on the idea that they can get you on the first page of Google. Scroll down and take a look.

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Mission & Vision

This is easily fixed when Social Automation Meets – LOCAL Citation Optimization. A push button system, set up by experts.

The only thing constant with the internet is change, what worked yesterday will not work today.
My name is Dana Brandel and I am the top ranking SEO in Arizona. I have a firm grasp of the algorithms of not just Google but all online directories and search. So many people are missing the connection between social and every single listing. That is the reason I created this program. One dashboard combines everything! I personally lay out the map for your unique business and give you a push-button solution.

Digital Branding Solution Results

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The Google Stack

The Digital Branding Solution Expert Google Stack is tried and tested and has proven not only to get businesses ranked faster than any other method, but it converts as well.

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Digital Branding Kits

Our Digital Branding Kits ensure your business’s image is consistent across all social media platforms and local citations.

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Social Media Automation

Social Automation is the power to engage with everyone no matter how they connect with you, boost your SEO juice, and do it in as long as it takes to make one post.

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Local Citation Perfection

Your local citations are created in a way to position you as an authority in your industry, boosting your content’s relevance in search engines.

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The Digital Branding Solution can be purchased in 3 different packages sizes and comes with everything listed below.

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